Satué is a lovely village, with less than 12 houses, built according to the typical Aragonese highland architecture in stone and wood. It boasts an exquisite Mozarabic church built between the 10th and 11th centuries and a typical communal wash basin.

The Serralbo Mozarabic Church Route traverses 14 Mozarabic churches to display the singular characteristics of this architectural style. Built in the 10th and 11th centuries, they are located on both margins of river Gállego (mainly along the Roman road connecting Huesca with the Tena Valley). Visit the churches of Satué, San Bartolomé de Gavín, San Juan de Espierre, Otal, Basarán (moved and reconstructed in Formigal) Susín, Orós Bajo, Oliván, San Juan de Busa, Lárrede, Isún, Arto, Lasieso and Ordevés. Mozarabic Serralbo churches were usually built on a small rectangular plane finished in a semi-circular or rectangular apse and a slender bell tower. This visit allows you to immerse yourself in times past and savour a charming and soothing landscape.

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